Team Building

Want a team to change? Team building events are a powerful way to do that.There is nothing quite like a strong team, united in focus and effort while increasing their workability and fulfillment as they learn together.


Developing Strong Teams

At a time when business requires teams to thrive together, you can’t go wrong with investing in opportunities to strengthen their alignment, understanding and connection with each other. Our team building events are designed to produce a result in new behaviors, awareness, or thought processes that will sustain the direction toward your designated targets.

We work with you to design such a workshop, which can include such areas as:

  • Increasing trust, releasing control and learning together
  • Exploring the stages of team development and where your team currently resides on the continuum
  • Getting current with each other now, releasing old baggage
  • Understanding different work styles, and learning to adapt to those differences
  • Discovering focus tools to keep the team aligned–especially in periods of pressure, chaos, ambiguity or change
  • Resolving conflicts, grudges, misunderstandings and finger pointing
  • Aligning the team via crafting a vision statement and determining their values


Special Team Building Workshops Available To You

  • The River Wild
  • Winning at Life, Winning at Golf
  • Rock My World
  • Mining the Gold in Your Team
  • Resolving Conflict with Heart
  • Voyages to Greatness