Many leaders find their largest pressure is not the job but the people. If we look at the time, energy and money wasted on ineffective communication around conflict situations, we’d find that most departments could benefit from equipping their teams with skills around pressurized communication. And if we leave our hearts out of it, conflict usually turns to war. With heart, we can usually find a healthy way forward.

Training can be customized for your company to include areas such as:

Understanding the difference between conflict and war
Discovering your conflict style and the various conflict styles of others
How to stay open and aligned for internal balance
Activating a conflict hearty model for healthy discussions of issues
Learning to respond vs. react to pressurized communications
Engaging your active listening skills for intuitive awareness of the real issues
Tools to think on your feet under pressure
Practicing managing ongoing conflicts due to process, priorities or personalities
How to facilitate conflict issues when around the table or in video conferences

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