We are always presenting, whether speaking or not. Learning to present with power becomes a vital component of our managerial or leadership ability, in a world where our presentation style impacts great decisions.

This training can be customized to include:

Learning the impact of the 4 V's: verbal, vocal, visual, and vibe
Practical guidelines for both stand up and around the table presentations
Refining posture, gestures, body language, eye contact and voice projection
Designing "hot starts" and enhancing story telling to engage your audience
How to eliminate fillers like "um" and "it's like"
Redirecting nervous energy toward focused, clear expression
Organizing your content like a pro
Guidelines for designing and using your deck well
How to shine in Q & A sessions by learning to think on your feet
Learning to adapt your message to your specific audience
Tools to rehearse well, simply, and quickly for greater impact
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