As an elite athlete, it is important that you see yourself as an individual. One that has expression, purpose and attraction. How you present yourself reveals a lot about your character and marketable traits. Every time you speak, someone is listening, not necessarily what you say, but how you say it. As an Elite athlete you demonstrate grit in your chosen sport. Do you demonstrate the same grit off of it?

These are the areas we cover, geared to what you are or will be facing:

Developing powerful interviewing skills
Strengthening your posture and presence
Replacing behaviors that distract with those that attract
Demonstrating your essence in body, style and voice
Preparing for those tough or tricky questions
Presenting yourself in Magical and profitable ways
Enhancing your communication skills in face-to-face interactions
Practicing tools to RESPOND on your feet, especially under pressure
Learning to communicate beyond social media

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