Whether preparing for a keynote presentation, video series, or important meeting, this dynamic and personalized instruction is designed for the leader or presenter who is looking to be powerful and dynamic. Our personalized approach works with you and your specific material to make your efforts count.

Our personalized instruction can include:

Telling your story with power by engaging your genuine style, pace and essence
Refining your physical presence: posture, gestures, eye contact and voice projection
Designing "hot starts" and enhancing story telling to draw in your audience
Connecting the needs of your audience with your organization’s message--your way
Learning the guidelines and design that enhance your power point message
Redirecting your nervous energy into focused expression
Using all props and A/V with great finesse and ease
How to shine in Q & A sessions by learning to think on your feet
Learning to adapt your message to your specific audience
Tools to rehearse well, simply, and quickly for greater impact

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