Your Executive Presence can make all the difference between impacting decisions or being over-ridden in the process. Executive presence is learning to direct your essence through communication, style, and physical presence in order to impact and influence those around you. This is paramount when engaging senior executives, particularly in pressurized situations and critical meetings.

This training can be customized to include:

Understanding the 6 types of power that exemplify leadership presence
Learning how to be clear, succinct and to the point in meetings and briefings
Discovering 2 key tools for impacting and influencing key stakeholders
Strengthening your presentation presence through refined physical skills
Practicing tools to manage your deck and direct your audience's attention
Learning how to think on your feet, particularly under pressure
Adapting your message to different audiences for greater workability
Activating leadership discernment-leave them inspired vs. diminished
How to increase your composure under stress, change and pressure
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