Being diverse in today’s marketplace means diverse in every way possible: race, style, orientation, and idea generation. Diversity training for managers or intact teams has a focus of it’s own, however, which is to learn to utilize the individual differences for the greatest results and teamwork.

This training can range from 2 hours to 2 days. Areas can include:

Learning your own behavioral style preferences (take assessment)
Identifying the style preferences of your team and peers
Exploring the areas of inherent conflict and challenge
Uncovering the patterns that keep us stuck in old reactions
Strengthening interpersonal connection and effective communication
How to mine the gold in each member of your team
Learning the 3 steps to turn your greatest problem into your greatest champion
Becoming the learning leader: being the example for other managers
Establishing the daily communications that foster strong team work
How to assist each other through difficult and changing times

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