At a time in our economy when we are asked to do more with less in just about everything we face, customer service excellence stands out as a golden principle for repeat business, increased sales, and keeping a large business feeling small and personal. To leave them with a wow includes elements of deep rooted respect, personal connection and generosity of spirit.

For your organization, we can customize specific training that includes such areas as:

Grabbing your customer's attention with the greeting
Establishing specific phrases to reinforce your vision, motto or desired interaction
Learning 5 powerful interpersonal skills for face to face, phone and e-communication
Learning a 3-step process to dealing with difficult people effectively
How to turn an obstacle into an opportunity
Learning how the energy behind our words is more important than what we say
Practicing how to resolve conflict with heart
Two tools to becoming an active listener for increased speed and ease
How to increase business through the principles of Customer Service Connection
Learning tools to balance yourself for daily recharge and ongoing renewal

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